A Reunion for the Books

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I thought visiting some of the most beautiful places in Europe with one of the most beautiful people I've ever had the privilege of meeting, and most of all having the knowledge that our extended periods apart were finally over, was the most surreal way to conclude my half-year of travel.

But actually, the MOST surreal way to start this next chapter was to have the love of my life meet me in the south of France, and only a couple of hours after his redeye flight and our official reunion, have him get down on one knee and ask me to stick around forever. After acting like a small child for a good few minutes, I did manage to blurt out "YES" about two thousand times.

I'm so honored and grateful and joyful beyond belief that I get to call this most wonderful of human beings my other half, and I can't wait for a lifetime of costume changes, deciphering strange British phrases, and continuing to try to get him to eat all of his vegetables. I honestly couldn't have found a better soul to share this life with, and couldn't possibly feel any more excited, or be any luckier.