Belmond Hotel Splendido in Portofino, Italy

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Perched high above Portifino’s bay overlooking the waters of the Ligurian Sea are the @BelmondHotelSplendido’s two enchanting properties. The main grounds at the sumptuous Hotel Splendido show remnants of the 16th-century Benedictine monastery that came before it, while the inside imbues guests in warm, calming color palettes reflective of an Italian paradise. A shuttle bus is at hand to bring people to and fro from the 70-room Belmond Hotel Splendido to Belmond Splendido Mare’s 16-room and suite Mediterranean escape. #TheArtofBelmond promises adventure and merriment to all who come its way, offering everything from trekking with donkeys to a private dinner at a lighthouse that offers unobstructed views of the Ligurian Sea.